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Learn To Leverage Your Credit

Leveraging your credit can be a useful tool to help you achieve your financial goals, such as building credit, getting approved for loans, and earning rewards.

No Secure Credit Cards

A lot of plans out there will tell you to get a secure credit card and use the secure credit card to rebuild your credit. That means you have to give a creditor cash for them to give you a line of credit. It is much cheaper to fix your credit with the Section 609 Credit Repair Secret then to pay a credit card company cash for a line of credit.

Our easy-to-follow DIY will put you back on track

We have written out all our steps from start to finish. This program was designed by our parent company “Credit Repair Champ”. Which have helped 100’s of clients with their credit goals

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Our DIY program is self explanatory. We have everything from a FAQ page to a step by step page. As well as all type of letters needed to bring the fight to the three reporting agencies Transunion, Experian and Equifax

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